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WELCOME to Dianne's "Never Too Late" Ministry

ACTS 2:28
You have made known to me the paths of life
You will fill me with joy in your Presence. STOP running from your fears. SEEK the path the Lord has for you. STAND firm to walk in the Joy of Jesus!

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Dianne's Books

...absolutely phenomenal

This book is absolutely phenomenal. I wept as I read it because I could feel Jesus all throughout the entire book. My heart grew closer and closer to my Lord every time I would open this book. The author has an amazing and in-depth knowledge of the Word of God. She would bring scripture throughout the entire book. Joy was increasing in my heart every time I would open the pages and read more. I found my self wishing I had more time throughout the day to just sit and read this book. The author helped stir up my faith and I found that my heart was longing to spend more and more time in the Word of God. I loved how the author shared about her life and then also shared about her love of cooking. She brought it throughout the entire book and it was absolutely so wonderful. I loved how the book was like a recipe and was giving instructions for my life and how to spend time with Jesus. It helped encouraged my faith to believe for all of my loved ones. I write this with tears in my eyes because of the impact this book was in my life. The human being who wrote this book must be an amazing individual because she made it so personal. I loved reading about her life growing up. Please please please get this book and take the time to read it and let your heart come back to life again. My heart feels like someone put one of those shock pads on it and helped it beat again to enjoy life in Jesus. I'm not sure if the author will ever see this but if they do I just want to thank them for all of their hard sacrifice and time to write this book and help my heart best full of joy again. Thank you... thank you... thank you!

Missy Simms

April 26

"God's Strength Prevails"

I found when I picked up this book that I could not put it down. It is so well written that you are making this journey with her and her daughter. Her courage and tenacity to be a great caregiver and lead her loved one to salvation is so emotionally gripping. Her words flow off the pages so you can't help but feel her strength as she struggles through day. The relationship between her and her daughter gives us all a glimpse of how vital relationships need to be cultivated. She loved her husband so much to instill the peace everyone should be offered before they perish. Widows and survivors all have their stories and journeys. Her faith prevails as it should for all of us. Outstanding read.

Verified Buyer

December 8


The author has written a beautiful reflection on sorrow. She uses the theme of tears--obviously, from the title--to connect the sections. Then she adds an anecdote of something she's experienced, which ties the selection together. It's beautifully written. As well as that, the author shares her pain and vulnerability to help readers through their times of pain. A wonderful book.

Verified Buyer

December 8

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Five Keys to Connect with Christ

May you find comfort in knowing the Lord loves you.

“You are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you.”- Isaiah 43:4


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    Dianne is an Independent LifeWave Distributor/Member


    About Dianne

    Born Again at age 75, Dianne, now 80 shows us it is never too late to come to the Lord. In The Astonishing Joy Novella, Dianne helps you embrace Jesus through the seven petitions of the Lord’s Prayer for an unbeliever in your family to come to the Lord. Her Chef Notes add to making this a refreshing meal to read! Her recipes will renew your belief and trust in the Lord.

    The Called Home Novella is a tender Book of Tears. May it serve as a guidepost to helping birth an unbeliever into Eternal Life. May her tears bring you comfort to your soul and peace to your heart. She will help you put aside the lesser things for what really matters.

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